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MT & Sons Plumbing for Roofing Installation and Repairs

Roofing Plumbing Services.

MT & Sons Plumbing have over 20 years experience installing roofs and doing roof repairs. We fix leaking roof problems for tiled roofs, Colourbond roofs, or old corrugated iron roofs.

Residential Roof Plumbing and Leak Repairs

We provide roof plumbing services for residential homes and renovation projects. If you have a leaking roof, we can find the issue and repair it before too much damage is caused. Leaking roofs create problems with damaged or collapsed ceilings and insulation, and may lead to rotting timber and structural issues. We can also provide a quote for replacing old roofing with new materials. This can be a smart option for older tiled roofs.

Our residential roof plumbing services include:

  • Repairing leaking roofs
  • Replacing old roofs with new Colourbond roofing
  • Repairing gutters
  • Unblocking downpipes

Commercial Roof Plumbing

As well as helping homeowners, MT & Sons Plumbing work with commercial buildings and business owners to solve plumbing issues. Roof leaks in a factory, showroom or shop can cause damage to stock, machinery and shop floors. This can put your business out of action. We will respond quickly to emergency roofing issues and help stop major damage from occuring.

MT & Sons also offer commercial buildings and businesses with plumbing maintenance. We conduct inspections and maintenance tasks to keep your roof in top shape and deal with issues before they turn into serious leaks or flooding.

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New Roof Installation and Plumbing

A new roof installation and new gutters and downpipes will prevent future roof leaks in your home or business. And it will likely increase the value of your home or commercial building.

Residential Roof Plumbing

Whether it is your house, pergola, garage or shed, MT & Sons Plumbing can repair and renew old roofing. Don’t put up with leaks, rusty gutters or poor roof drainage. Get a quote to refresh your home roofing requirements today.

Commercial Roofing

If you have valuable possessions, business stock or machinery, then get your roof fixed before the leaks get really bad. It is way cheaper to get a new roof than replace expensive inventory or equipment in your factory.

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What Our Clients Say

Client Testimonials

Finding a great plumber who is right for your roofing repairs or replacement is often through word of mouth. Check out what our clients say about MT & Sons Plumbing.

Martin was upfront with the cost to separate my instantaneous unit from cylinder and mount it to the house. Locked in a date, was punctual, easy going and job was completed in a brief time. Definitely recommend his company MT & Sons Plumbing.

South Morang

MT & Sons Plumbing helped with a non related issue, Martin fixed our bathroom cabinet replacing the white cabinet timbers and making new. Impressed by his work we had MT & Sons Plumbing do a small renovation for an outside toilet and basin, picked the tiles to suit our taste. Roughed in the small area, tiled and fit off all fixtures professionally. Great company, recommend for any Plumbing issue.


MT & Sons worked alongside another drainage company, worked in well completing main storm water drain and installing multiple pits. Professional company, dropped everything on the spot when I was in need. Definitely one to call when someone needed for under pressure situations.


Martin with plumbers toolbox