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Residential Plumbing Services

Our residential plumbing services include drainage, water, gas, roofing, heating and cooling installations. MT & Sons Plumbing offers new rough in and fit off plumbing to residential properties across Melbourne. 

We also provide plumbing maintenance services to keep your roof, pipes and services in tip top shape. MT & Sons Plumbing takes the worry away with solutions to rectify your plumbing problems and give you peace of mind.

Whether to lock in a date to rectify plumbing issues, or to respond to an emergency plumbing situation – we have your back!

Bathroom Plumbing

Bathrooms are a place to feel comfortable and warm, and make you feel great about yourself for the day ahead.

Bathroom plumbing issues such as leaking taps, faulty toilet suites, most painful of all a broken shower, give us a call today for same day service to get your bathroom back up and running.

Kitchen Plumbing

The kitchen is the heart of everyone’s home. You want it to look great and function properly for cooking and washing up. And when hosting guests or family dinners.

If your kitchen has faulty appliances, leaking taps or needs a face lift, MT & Sons can help. We supply the latest appliances to get your kitchen looking modern and working like a dream.

Blocked Drains

Blocked drains can be as painful as no hot water. If you are having drain issues call our friendly team today. We use the latest drainage equipment to camera inspect and locate the exact cause of your problem. Then unblock your drain .

We’ll advise if or when your drain needs replacing with a lasting solution for your home.

Water Heaters

Hot water is a luxury that people appreciate the most when their hot water unit decides to call it quits. Having a cold shower is not fun especially if you have kids. 

We will replace your hot water unit and take the old one away. And we’ll let you know the right water heater for your situation and budget.

Gas Fitting

Gas lines from your meter are rarely given much thought. Until you start smelling gas either inside your house, or out near the gas meter. Faulty gas appliances or gas smells need to be fixed straight away.

With gas testing MT & Sons Plumbing can find faults and eliminate problems with gas lines and appliances.

Leaking Pipes

Leaking pipes or water fittings are often quite noticeable if the water is spurting everywhere. However, some leaks such as under your house may go unnoticed for long periods of time.

Typical leak indicators include high water bills, rising damp on walls, soggy ground outside or stains on walls and ceilings. Regular checks on water lines every few years will detect and prevent leak issues.

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Reason to Choose MT & Sons Plumbing For Your Residential Plumbing Services

Getting your hot water back on as quickly as we can

Hot Water Service Repair and Replacement

One of the most common plumbing problems we see is with worn out or faulty hot water units. Hot water units can last for many years but will eventually need to be replaced. 

There are a range of types and sizes available for different homes and requirements. MT & Sons Plumbing will let you know the best options for your home. We only recommend and install reliable and trusted brands.

We understand the inconvenience of running out of hot water. So we are quick to respond to call outs for hot water unit replacements. We also do hot water unit inspections and servicing. All our work is backed by labour and manufacturers’ warranties. And we take away the old hot water unit when we are done.

Dispose of old hot water system
new hot water unit installation

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Frequently Asked Questions About Residential Plumbing

What’s the difference between hot water units?

The main difference between hot water units is the type of unit and the cost of installation. Don’t be fooled by solar, and the promise of cheaper operating cost. Unfortunately in the long run, these hot water units age the same, and solar hot water is a costly setup. Heat pumps often have the same issue with expensive installation costs. Old fashioned cylinder or instantaneous units are much more money in your pocket in the long run.

Does appliance brand matter?

In most cases yes your appliance brand does matter. This applies to the quality of the manufacture and how long the appliance is expected to last. Better brands often offer good warranties which shows they are willing to back their build quality. These days washing machines, dishwashers, fridges and other appliances have energy ratings relating to running costs and water usage. Buying a good brand that’s been around a while can cost more upfront, but save you money in the long run.

What Our Clients Say

Client Testimonials

Finding a great plumber who is right for you is often through word of mouth. Check out what our clients say about MT and Sons Plumbing.

Martin was upfront with the cost to separate my instantaneous unit from cylinder and mount it to the house. Locked in a date, was punctual, easy going and job was completed in a brief time. Definitely recommend his company MT & Sons Plumbing.

South Morang

MT & Sons Plumbing helped with a non related issue, Martin fixed our bathroom cabinet replacing the white cabinet timbers and making new. Impressed by his work we had MT & Sons Plumbing do a small renovation for an outside toilet and basin, picked the tiles to suit our taste. Roughed in the small area, tiled and fit off all fixtures professionally. Great company, recommend for any Plumbing issue.


MT & Sons worked alongside another drainage company, worked in well completing main storm water drain and installing multiple pits. Professional company, dropped everything on the spot when I was in need. Definitely one to call when someone needed for under pressure situations.


Martin with plumbers toolbox